Monday, November 15, 2010



Isn't my blazer so Coco Chanel?
(Blazer: random store in Eastwood; Shorts and tank: Forever 21; Bag: Louis Vuitton; Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarers)


Because I missed blogging and nobody understands my love for fashion the way you guys do.=)
Glad to be back at my secret happy place.
Hope to update more soon. If you like what you see, follow me ok?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

slightly disconnected


Hello there!!
Sorry for the mini hiatus but the OB-GYN rotation is kicking my butt lately plus my internet connection acted up a bit last week.=P I am more busy here than when I was rotating in Surgery. Thought I wouldn't like it but so far I'm really enjoying the baby bumps and yes I see tons of vajay-jay everyday, yes TONS!!!

I'm also happy to tell you that I've been good with sticking with my New Year's resolution and these are some of them:
  • Go to the hospital early-- 6:55AM. (GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF THE YEAR!)
  • Eat at least 1 serving of fruit or veggies daily
  • Jog a few times a week and hula-hoop everyday (except when I'm on duty)
  • Study as much lessons I can when I have free time esp when I'm in the hospital

Proper outfit posts and blogwalking this weekend, ok?
Thank you for still stopping by despite the slow updates..=P

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walking on Water//New Year's Eve

Halloooooooo there!!
Before posting my NY's Resloution post, another dose of backblogs from me hehe.. The first set of pics were taken during our Interns' christmas party. Thanks Tzi for taking these pics! As you can see, I got picnik crazy again. You guys should try it, editing is so addictive and fun!

(Men's jacket: Solo; Topshop tank; SM tulip skirt; Janylin snakeskin heels)
Here I used the HDR-ish effect because it makes my pink skirt look more metallic and foil-y. I like.

In this pic I used Cinema scope. This effect evokes the old films vibe in the pictures. So dramatic!
Lastly, I used the Holga-ish effect in this one. I loved it because it made my hair redder than usual.=)
Hope you enjoyed my editing projects..=)

Next series of pics were taken on New Year's Eve. As I said on my last post I was duty that day. This is actually my 2nd year of being on duty on NYE. It was actually fun, at around 10pm we camwhored in the hospital lobby because there weren't many patients in the ER yet.

At 12AM, there was a free buffet at the hospital lobby then we all went outside to watch some fireworks. The surgery residents brought some firecrackers too!
With my co-interns. Everyone posed in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Hi Leah! I got a 50mm na..=) thanks for answering my makulit questions.

And then 2 minutes after the countdown, the nurse was fetching us already. "Doktora, me stabwound tayo, 29 times sa likod!" ("Dr. we have a stabwound patient, he's been stabbed 29 times in the back!!") Kalowka talaga ang mga lasenggo sa atin! So I hurriedly ran back to the ER and that was just the first. We ended up with lots of stabwound patients, fire-cracker related burns and of course ang walang kamatayang naaksidente sa motor (motorcycle accidents)!

Raise your hand (or comment) if you hate motorcycle riders!!
I wanna know if it's just me. I kinda hate them with a passion, especially those fathers who
ride with their little kids, like 3-4 year old kiddies. Uuuuuggghh so irresponsible.

HAPPY 2010!
I think it's gonna be a great year for all of us.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Black top: Pink Manila; Tie-dye tank: Trunkshow; Tube top worn as skirt: Get Laud; Tights: Folded&Hung; Shoes: SM; Bag: LV
My friends and I were supposed to have dinner in Tagaytay (cooler part, South of Manila) but we decided not to because I couldn't find my eyeglasses and I can't drive longer distances with this poor eyesight of mine (200/20!). So we just ate dinner at Conti's in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa Laguna I'm officially in love with that place, Philippine readers you must go there! Nuvali is my favorite camwhore land from now on. Will go back there during daytime so you can appreciate the pics more. Good thing it's just 30 minutes away from home.

VERSATILITY is the "theme" of my outfit. I wore my blue tie-dye tank again! This tank is so versatile (it's her 3rd appearance on my blog, wore it here and here) and it's great for breaking up an all black outfit. Also wearing one of my closet staples -- the basic black tube top that I always always wear as a mini skirt. It's only 135 pesos (less than $3).

My holiday break is coming to an end. I think I'm gonna have holiday dinner withdrawals come January. I'm kinda sad to leave the Surgery Department because I had so much fun during my 2 months there.. Eeeekkkk OB-GYN rotation on January! Me not likey.

I'll be greeting you an advanced HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I'm duty on New Year's Eve so I won't have NYE dress post.=(
But I'm really excited for my Emergency Room duty tomorrow I hope I get to suture a lot!!

*crossing fingers* that we all can stick to our NY resolutions this time.=D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Backblogs and beyond

I love how this outfit looks "CHOPPED CHOPPED" with all the layers.
Align CenterBlazer: The Black Shop; Topshop pants; Landmark dress; SM dept store shoes; My DIY chain necklace

How was your Christmas? Hope it was fun and memorable. I was too busy cooking (only cooked spaghetti =P) and munching on Christmas eve that taking outfit pics escaped my mind so I don't have decent pics of my Christmas eve outfit. Just posting stuff from a few days before. =) This was after last minute christmas shopping and dinner with the family..

Today was spent in BF's house. We ate a lot like, every 2 hours, watched DVDs and played with our dog Stella. Just realized that it's also fun not to think of outfit pics and blogging and just enjoy.=P But now that I'm in front of my laptop again I must say I miss blogging, can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs..=)

Thursday, December 24, 2009



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Same dress, different year

Wore this dress around this time 2 years ago at my friends' class x-mas party. Wore it again today but styled it differently. This time, I wore it with a knitted cardigan and ankle booties. Still love it with tights but I wanted to look more casual since we were just supposed to buy something in the mall and watch avatar but sister and I got lazy and decided to just have some pizza delivered at home and watch TV haha.. The traffic is super crazy!

December, 2009
Dress: Limited; Knitted Cardigan: Landmark; Shoes: Janeo
December, 2007Hello "pa-nene" Dharn!=)
As usual, we were videoke-ing again.
I think we were singing a Spice Girls song.
I love the stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut!
I think I like it more than the original pizza.

So tell me, which look do you like most?
Look 1: dress + tights
Look 2: dress + knitted cardigan
Look 3: dress + knitted cardigan + belt

Tomorrow is our Intern's Christmas Party!
It's going to be a swimming party but my friends and I decided not to go swimming
because we're playing tong-its (card games) instead.
Oh what fun!!=D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I heart my friends.

Pajama turned into blazer: Surplus Shop; Forever 21 shirt; Shorts from a bazaar; Renegade fold shoes; Folded and Hung chain necklace

I wore my $3 pajama turned into blazer.
Wore it with a relaxed white shirt and bright colored shoes so that I won't look matronic because sometimes leopard print makes you look older, but it always depends on the styling..=)

In between drinking, videoke-ing and munching, my friends and I would sneak outside for a mini photoshoot and to gossip a little. We were supposed to take pictures on the street near the big trees but some stray dogs didn't like the idea and kept on growling at us. We were so scared but we still kept on trying haha. In the end we just opted for the garage and walkway in my friend's apartment. I am super happy that all my friends are always willing to take my pictures. Even before I started blogging they have always been tiyaga (patient) with my demanding camwhore needs haha! We can't be friends if you can't take good shots of me, unless you play very good Tong-its (card games) haha! Yes, only 2 requirements.=P

Yey for Christmas parties, dressing up and camwhore sessions!=)

Question to bloggers out there:
Who takes your outfit photos when you're outside and can't take your trusty tripod with you?

Friday, December 11, 2009

White Out + Perricone Giveaway Winner

Kinda disappointed that we had to wear white tops and jeans as costume for our dance number because I actually planned on wearing a dress. Kinda a last minute announcement good thing I had a decent white top hiding in my closet here in my apartment. And oh yes, I do not have a flat iron! As you can see, the pleats in my top look like a mess haha..=)
Yay they let us join the Christmas party despite us being on duty. In case you're wondering why I'm sitting on a wheelchair, it's already a tradition for the Surgery Christmas party that the person who is the most drunk gets to be pushed into a wheelchair and brought down from the penthouse of the hotel into his/her car. How embarrassing! And no, I was not that person haha.. The throne/wheelchair is only for Surgery residents, (I am still an intern) just sat on it for photo-op purposes as usual haha. We didn't even get to eat or drink because we thought there weren't food left so we just transferred to a place nearby for some food and drinks.
White top and Jeans: Plains & Prints; Platforms: SM dept store; Mango bag from Le boyf; Chanel earrings
I felt so tall the whole night. Look at how high my platforms are! The shoes are

not exactly new, they're remnants of my birthday shopping loot and I only got to wear them last night.

When we were about to go home, we all agreed to stop by the Pinoy Big Brother's house as it was super near the Christmas party venue. Surprised that they weren't too strict with regards to taking pics and getting near the house. There were 2 guards at the entrance door. Sorry for the crappy pics. I forgot that my camera works well with lowlight. Shouldn't have used the flash. Super fun camwhoring with my co-interns! We love wacky pics..=)

You won my Perricone Cold Plasma Giveaway!
Thank you Perricone MD for this great giveaway.=)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Holiday Essentials

The holiday seasons are here and holidays = dinner with friends, family reunions and the endless Christmas parties. I do not plan to shop for myself this December since I'm kinda broke, the malls are in a state of chaos and I'm waiting for the sales on January. Also, I want to maximize the pieces that I already have in my closet. So I'm making this my season for mixing and matching! Here are some the pieces that I plan to incorporate into my holiday dressing. Most of these are old stuff from my closet except for the hair thingies..=) Since I'll be wearing my old mostly gray/black clothes I'll just add these few pieces to make my look a little bit more festive. (All from SM department store)
Headbands with rhinestones or feather details are a cheap way to instantly liven up an all black ensemble.(Unbranded fringe scarf; Patricia Field for Marks and Spencer scarf)
Probably the only time I could wear scarves for its real purpose -- to keep me warm!Tights can polish a look in an instant.
You can also wear them with your too short dresses that's been hiding in your closet.

(Aldo earrings)
We all need a pair of big, bold statement earrings in our life.
Now's the best time to buy if you still don't have one.

Solo Men's Jacket; Thrifted $1 blazer
Thank God for the Christmas breeze! I can now rock my blazers/jacket without looking like a Sweaty Betty.

(Yellow clutch and Black clutch with gold detail: Forever 21; Plastic structured clutch: CMG)
Arm candies!
I unearthed my woven oversized clutch in my closet. Yey I thought I lost this yellow baby. The smallest one was the clutch I used during my graduation last April. The black one with the pyramid stud is such a steal I got it for $10.

stylebible.phLast but definitely not the least -- Make-up! Make-up is an essential this holiday season. The party season is the perfect excuse to get dolled up and try new looks. I will always be loyal to the smoky eye look as it is the look that I've kinda mastered but I will also try experimenting with my new palette that I got from the bazaar.

These pics were taken last Sunday. The siblings and I had dinner at our favorite restaurant Cibo.
Janilyn snakeskin pumps, Brother's Vans sneakers. I don't know what brand of shoes my sister wore that day.
Sorry for the slow updates. It's just that I made an early New Year's resolution to study for at least 2 hours everyday including weekends. And since November 25, I've been sticking with the plan very very well. I'm buying myself Royce chocolate next week if I continue on doing so haha..Hopefully, I'll get to post more since I'll be going out a lot this December.

Tomorrow is Surgery's Christmas party and I'm on duty (AGAIN!) at the ER! Booo.. I don't know if we could make takas (sneak out of the hospital) later into the night but we still have to ask the chief Surgery resident for permission..=( I SERIOUSLY WANT TO GO!

Free food + an excuse to dress up = a happy me!